Learning Style Quiz

There are four different learning styles; Verbal, Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. Find out your learning style(s) by answering the following questions as honestly as possible:

read the lyrics
daydream (play out scenes in your mind)
hum or sing along
move with the music and tap your feet etc.
read the manual
look at a DVD about it
listen to someone explain it to you
take the computer apart and figure it out for yourself
a novel
a travel log or nature book with lots of photos
a shorter book with lots of dialogue in it
a quiz book or one where you have to solve problems
language class
art class
music class
an exercise class
the names of all the people you met
the faces of all the people you met
things people said to you
what you said and did at the party
reading a book
doing arts or crafts
listening to music
out and about, playing sport or being active
write them down
visualise where the person is going in your mind and draw out a map
give them verbal instructions
gesture with your hands a lot
pick up and read a brochure of upcoming movies
look at the pictures on the posters around you
talk to the person behind you
tap your foot and move around a bit
get lost in the language
picture the scenes and characters in your head
love the dialogue
you might read sometimes but in general you’d rather not read
like to take notes
follow along in the textbook
listen carefully to the teacher
sit at the back so you can doodle on the page or fidget
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