Listen to Learn

There’s a big difference between hearing and listening. We need to listen actively to take in important information.


We can do this by creating a listening bubble and engaging in active listening when we are in class.


Creating a listening bubble:

creating a listening bubble

  • Be on time: this way you don’t miss the beginning and already feel lost.
  • Take up position: have a clear view of the speaker.
  • Physical well-being: don’t go to class hungry or tired. It’ll be distracting.
  • Keep an open mind: give the teacher a chance!
  • Be strong: don’t let other students distract you. You have to sit your exam.

Active listening:

active listening

  • Decide to listen: don’t go in with a bad attitude. That will get you nowhere. Instead decide that you will get the best out of class.
  • Listen for buzz words: watch out for important, key points and especially take it in when the teacher says things like, ‘To sum up…’, ‘The three most important points are: …’ etc.
  • Take notes: if you have to listen out for what to write down then you’ll be listening closely. Take down just the main points.
  • Don’t give up: stick with it, it gets easier.

For more study tips, read Shortcuts to Success: Study and Exam Skills for Leaving Certificate by Irene Togher.

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